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The next session begins on June 9, 2024 

Finding Love Again Masterclass


I am beyond excited to introduce you to Finding Love Again! A Masterclass for New Beginnings, our exclusive coaching program led by Meira Bar-Lev, M.A., a multi-certified life and relationships coach with 19 years of experience.

This is your last chance to sign up for only $197.00, the course begins on Sunday June 9th 2024. 7.30 IST, 12.30 EST,  9.30 PST

⏰ Time is running out, so don’t miss your chance to embark on this
life-changing journey. Head over to our program page and secure your
spot now!

As I’ve shared with you, a major shift in the approach to
relationships and self-love is happening.

You can’t afford to miss out on becoming part of this transformative

I’ve meticulously crafted this program to equip you with the most
valuable, practical tools and strategies you can immediately apply to
your life…

So you can view your enrollment as an investment in your future
happiness, not just an expense.

In just six weeks, you’ll discover how to attract the love you
deserve, reignite your passion, and build the confidence to create the
relationship of your dreams.

Don’t hesitate to act now. This is your last chance to sign up for only $197.00, the course begins on Sunday, June 9th 2024. 7.30 IST, 12.30 EST,  9.30 PST 

Total Value: $1,980*

The Zoom link will be sent out a few days before. My flyer is attached and I would appreciate it if you would use it to spread the word!
Thanks so much and Best wishes!
Meira Bar-Lev

Here’s what you’ll achieve in the Finding Love Again

✅ Rediscover self-love and boost your confidence

✅ Learn to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts

✅ Attract and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships

✅ Overcome past heartbreaks and move forward with clarity and

This your last chance to sign up for only $197.00, the course begins on June 9th 2024

JOIN US NOW! The Finding Love Again Coaching Program
Transform Your Love Life, Boost Your Confidence, and Attract the
Relationship You Deserve

This is a rare opportunity. I’m not sure when I’ll offer this LIVE
course again…

I offer an intensive one-on-one year-long program for those who have
the need. Please inquire about it if you have questions.

What You Will Gain:

Finding Love Again! is much more than a dating course—it’s a
transformative experience designed to empower you, heal past wounds,
and equip you with the tools needed to attract and maintain a loving
relationship. You will experience real and tangible change in your

The material in this course is based on principles found in ancient
Jewish texts of Torah and Kabbalah.

Here’s a closer look at what each session offers:

Session 1: Opening the Heart to New Beginnings

  • Focus: Transition from a fixed to a growth mindset and
    clarify your vision for a fulfilling partnership or marriage.
  • Benefits: Establish a solid foundation for your journey
    by redefining your approach to love and relationships. This mindset shift
    is crucial for breaking free from past limitations and envisioning a
    partnership that aligns with your deepest desires.

Session 2: Healing and Letting Go

  • Focus: Address the grief associated with past relationships
    and emotional pain. Discover how deep your pain goes—it’s more than you
    think due to repression and emotional masking. Once you truly understand
    your pain, it sets the stage for true healing and renewal.
  • Benefits: By confronting and processing your grief and
    pain, you’ll lighten your emotional load. Your outward attraction will
    increase greatly, making space for new joys and opportunities in

Session 3: Breaking Free from the Past

  • Focus: Explore and identify the personal barriers and
    emotional residues that could be blocking your path to new
    relationships. When not dealt with, this emotional residue will cause
    you to subconsciously project a wounded and defensive image when
    meeting and dating a new potential partner.
  • Benefits: Learn techniques to effectively clear out old
    emotional baggage. This ensures that past issues do not affect your
    demeanor when interacting with potential partners. By doing so, you can
    avoid hindering your ability to meet the right partner and achieve
    future happiness.

Session 4: Rebuilding from Within

  • Focus: Strengthen your self-esteem and develop a deeper
    trust in your own judgment and capabilities in nurturing
  • Benefits: Enhance your confidence in setting healthy
    boundaries for who you meet and date, advocating for your needs, and
    making empowered choices in love and life.

Session 5: Spiritual Alignment and Attraction

  • Focus: Harness the power of visualization and the
    principles of Koach HaMoshech (The Law of Attraction) to begin drawing
    your ideal partner towards you. You will learn this is a real effect
    you can apply in your life.
  • Benefits: This session offers practical visualization
    techniques and exercises designed to align your emotional and mental
    energies with your love aspirations. You will learn actual spiritual
    and quantum methods that will effect change on your reality.

Session 6: Looking Ahead with Confidence

  • Focus: Map out concrete steps to continue your personal
    growth and to use Koach HaMoshech to actively manifest your vision of
  • Benefits: Turn insights into action with a clear,
    actionable plan that moves you towards the relationship you desire,
    integrating all the lessons learned throughout the course. You will gain
    confidence you never had before.

Now, you’ll get:

  • Personalized Coaching Sessions: Direct guidance
    tailored to your unique situation.
  • Proven Relationship Techniques: Scripts and
    questions designed to unlock your potential and create lasting
  • Confidence-Building Exercises: Break free from
    doubts and fears, and step into your power.
  • Course Materials New Modules each week, Study, Review and
    Practice Guides. Forms a workbook of your own to keep.
  • Exclusive Hour long One-on-One Coaching Session:
    This bonus session with Meira, valued at $280, provides personalized,
    in-depth support to help you on your journey.

Here’s a summary of the TOP 5 REASONS to join Finding Love Again:

🔎 Reason #1: Transformative Approach Our unique
methods have been honed over 19 years of coaching and are designed to
deliver extraordinary results. This isn’t just another course; it’s a
life-changing experience that will distinguish you in your journey to
finding and nurturing love.

🔎 Reason #2: Proven Success Women who apply these
techniques see profound changes. From increased self-esteem to
attracting the right partner, the results speak for themselves. Our
approach is backed by years of success stories and testimonials.

🔎 Reason #3: Cost-Effective Investment In just
six weeks, and for a fraction of the usual cost, you can access the most
actionable parts of my method. This is the most efficient way to
achievethe love life you’ve always dreamed of.

🔎 Reason #4: Immediate Results Your love life
can’t afford to wait. Many have struggled for years without seeing progress.
Our program provides the skills to break through barriers and achieve
real, lasting change.

🔎 Reason #5: Lifetime Benefits Whether you’re new
to personal development or have been on this path for years, the
Finding Love Again program supports your growth at every
stage. You’ll use these insights and skills every day for the rest of your

I hope you’ll join this transformative journey and learn the most
actionable methods for finding and nurturing love in 2024 and

Claim Your Spot Now!

Don’t hesitate to act now!

I can’t wait to hear how, in just a few short weeks, Finding Love Again has changed your life and relationships.

Join My Finding Love Again Masterclass

Don’t hesitate to act now. This is your last chance to sign up for only $197.00, the course begins on Sunday, June 9th 2024. 7.30 IST, 12.30 EST,  9.30 PST 

Total Value: $1,980*

Register Now! : https://findingloveagain.net/course-registration-and-payment

Schedule a FREE 20-minute question-and-answer call.  Also, call if you need to make a special payment arrangement: https://findingloveagain.net/free

To your lasting happiness,

Meira Bar-Lev, M.A.

Founder, Finding Love Again Coaching Program

P.S. Schedule your LIVE INTIMATE Q&A CALL with Meira TODAY!

Join me for an intimate conversation about what it takes to create a
successful and fulfilling love life. I’ll be answering all your
questions about our six-week live interactive program.

Don’t hesitate to act now. 

This is your last chance to sign up for only $197.00, the course begins on Sunday, June 9th 2024. 7.30 IST, 12.30 EST,  9.30 PST 

Total Value: $1,980*

Don’t miss this opportunity to get all the answers you need to move

See you in the MasterClass, Meira Bar-Lev!

The Zoom link will be sent out a few days before. My flyer is attached and I would appreciate it if you would use it to spread the word!
Thanks so much and Best wishes!
Meira Bar-Lev


Schedule a FREE 20-minute question-and-answer call with me.  Call if you need to make a special payment arrangement: https://findingloveagain.net/free


  • Total Value: $1,980
  • Regular Price: $297
  • Early Bird Price: $197 (Save $100 if you sign up by
    midnight June 2nd)

Embark on this life-changing journey and open your heart to the love
you deserve. Let Finding Love Again! be the first step toward
a new chapter in your life. Ready to start this transformative journey?
Join us and redefine your future.

The program begins on June 9th. Don’t miss out!

A Short Video Introduction

A video clip from a podcast interview with Rebbetzin Bat Chen Grossman and Meira Bar-Lev on Meira’s Finding Love Again Program. This clip illustrates a little of the benefits of Meira’s Finding Love Again Program, for Singles, Divorced and Widowed Jewish women. Meira is a multi certified life and relationships coach. Among her certifications are: Journey Life Practitioner, Jewish Meditation Teacher, EFT, and Somatic Experiencing. She has 30 years experience coaching all sorts of people from religious and non-religious backgrounds. She is known for her empathic and effective approach to helping women solve their life problems.

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Pink Love Quote with Photo
moving forward after divorce

“We have been there, and we are here to tell you that it is not impossible to find love again! ”

Meira Bar-Lev
Personal experience

What makes this Program Different?

Meira Golbert Bar-Lev, Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach has counseled Jewish women who want to marry or improve their relationships over the past 16 years. Meira has been divorced and was recently widowed after 23 years of a wonderful marriage.

Yitzi Bar-Lev, her husband, with experience coaching and leading teams, was widowed after a very happy 37-year marriage.

Following Meira’s grieving process and after serious self-inquiry, she set out on a search to find love again. Yitzi, after doing the same, started dating himself and after 2.5 years of active dating, met Meira. The couple married in 2021 and based on their personal and professional experiences, formed Bar-Lev Org and the Finding Love Again Mastermind Program.

We fully understand the ups and downs of dating again at a mature age.


Why I created this Mastermind Program

Finding Love Again With Meira Bar-Lev

Shortly after our September 2021 wedding, we began to hear from people that we had inspired them by our example. We heard such comments as, “You have given me hope!”, “I want what you have.”, and “You are proof that there is a G-d in the world!” So many single, divorced or widowed Jewish women are asking the question, “Will I ever find love again?”

Yitzi and I realized that we had a gift that needed to be shared.  Together we  could help inspire, lead and guide those who were truly looking for love again. And so “Finding Love Again” was born.

We are not matchmakers (but if we get an idea of a great match – who knows?)  We are coaches, dedicated to helping you to release your baggage and your fear, and to shine your light so that you can attract, and build love this year!


Finding Love Again Mastermind Program

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Upcoming Dates:

The next session begins on June 9, 2024 

8PM Israel, 


10 AM Pacific 

It runs every Sunday night -ending on July 14th.  Sessions will run for 6 weeks.


8:00 PM Israel

6:00 PM UK

13:00 PM EST

12:00AM PST

About the Finding Love Again Program

Are you wondering, “Will I ever find love again?” Look no further! Meira Bar-Lev is here to guide you on a transformative journey towards Finding Love Again. With her expert coaching, you can overcome past traumas, break free from detrimental patterns, and effortlessly attract your perfect partner.

We understand the pain and uncertainty you may be feeling right now. The search for love can be challenging, especially after experiencing heartbreak or disappointment. But don’t lose hope! Meira Bar-Lev’s empathetic and friendly approach will help you navigate the complexities of dating and relationships with confidence and ease.

Finding Love Again is not just a dream; it’s an achievable reality. Meira Bar-Lev’s coaching program is designed to empower Jewish women to unlock the love you deserve. By addressing and healing past traumas, you’ll be able to let go of emotional baggage and create space for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Meira Bar-Lev’s proven techniques will guide you in breaking free from destructive patterns that may have hindered your path to love in the past. Whether it’s fear of vulnerability, self-sabotage, or negative beliefs, she will provide you with the tools to overcome these barriers and embrace a new chapter of love in your life.

But that’s not all! Meira Bar-Lev’s coaching will also help you attract your perfect partner. Through personalized strategies and insights, she will assist you in cultivating self-confidence, enhancing your communication skills, and aligning with your authentic desires. You’ll learn how to effortlessly attract and build a meaningful connection with the right person for you.

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Meira Golbert Bar-Lev: Experienced Life and Relationship Coach

Meira Bar-Lev Finding Love Again for Single, Divorced, or Widowed Jewish Women. Meira is a mulit-cetified Life Coach and Relationships Coach.Meira Golbert Bar-Lev boasts more than 30 total years of expertise as a life and relationship coach, she has be certified for 18 years. Offering transformative programs designed to support personal growth and healing. Her Biography is Here. Renowned for her compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive methods, Meira utilizes a customized blend of techniques, research, and experience to help clients conquer their unique life challenges. She is particularly passionate about assisting individuals in finding love and living satisfying lives. She also offers the following services:
  1. Life Coaching:  At MeiraBarLev.com
  2. The Journey Processes at: TheJourneyIsrael.com
  3. Healing From Grief: At HealingFromGrief.net
  To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with Meira, simply:
  1. Click the Book a Free Assessment  button, or
  2. Send a text message via Whatsapp to WhatsApp
 Note: Please communicate in English.
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