Finding Love Again

Start To Improve Your Life

Are you divorced or widowed?

Have you been searching for your life partner and are finding yourself frustrated, disappointed, or despairing? Have you questioned whether you can enjoy love again?  Are you alone and wondering if you should stay alone or seek out a mate?

You are not alone.

We have been there, and we are here to tell you that it is not impossible!

The #1 myth that may be standing in your way, is that there is no good man or good woman out there.

Guess what ?!?!



The solution is within your reach!

In this 5-week mastermind program, you will learn how to take control of the search process so that YOU can manifest YOUR own destiny, and bring into your life a wonderful, loving, and lasting relationship. 

Everyone who signs up for the full program will also be invited to the Introductory Session.

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“We have been there, and we are here to tell you that it is not impossible to find love again! ”

Meira Bar-Lev
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Why Work With US?

Meira Bar-Lev
Over 20 Years Of Counseling Experience

Meira is a certified Master Life Coach and was one of the first practitioners and life coaches certified in the Journey Method by Brandon Bays and Journey International. She has dedicated herself to help others to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually for over thirty years.

Meira received a full fellowship from the NIMH in Mental Health Communications, an interdisciplinary program in Psychology, Social Work and Communications.

Meira graduated from The University of Texas cum laude with a Master of Arts degree. .

Deeply intuitive and empathic, Meira is able to pinpoint the energetic blocks in her clients and apply a unique strategy based on her broad skills, including The Journey Method, EFT, TAT, Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Counseling, and Coaching. She is certified as a Teacher of Jewish Meditation by the Elevation Project.

Yitzi Bar-Lev
Leadership and mentoring Background

Yitzi brings leadership and team-building skills from working in leadership all of his life. He has been an NSA Mission Leading Intelligence Analyst. For the State of Texas he was a field investigator, and a Captain, Then after a Business Administration Degree and certification in Project Management in Information Technology, be became the Lead Systems Analyst, followed by Project Manager of Infrastructure and Architecture.

Since moving to Israel with his family in 2005, he has been involved in entrepreneurial efforts including freelance software consulting. He currently owns a web-hosting company which provides servers to businesses.

Since discovering the Carnivore diet, he obtained healing from an Autoimmune Disease that had nearly confined him to a wheelchair, he has coached dozens of people to a healthier lifestyle.

Personal experience

What makes this Program Different?

Meira Golbert Bar-Lev, Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach has counseled women who want to marry or improve their relationships over the past 16 years. Meira has been divorced and was recently widowed after 23 years of a wonderful marriage.

Yitzi Bar-Lev, Project Manager with experience coaching and leading teams, was widowed after a very happy 37-year marriage.

Following Meira’s grieving process and after serious self-inquiry, she set out on a search to find love again. Yitzi, after doing the same, started dating himself and after 2.5 years of active dating, met Meira. The couple married in 2021 and based on their personal and professional experiences, formed Bar-Lev Org and the Finding Love Again Mastermind Program.

We fully understand the ups and downs of dating again at a mature age.


Why We created this Mastermind Program

Finding Love Again With Meira & Yitzi Bar-Lev

Shortly after our September wedding, we began to hear from people that we had inspired them by our example. We heard such comments as, “You have given me hope!”, “I want what you have.”, and “You are proof that there is a G-d in the world!”

Yitzi and I realized that we had a gift that needed to be shared.  Together we  could help inspire, lead and guide those who were truly looking for love again. And so “Finding Love Again” was born.

Yitzi and I are not matchmakers (but if we get an idea of a great match – who knows?)  We are coaches, dedicated to helping you to release your baggage and your fear, and to shine your light so that you can attract, and build love this year!




What My Clients Say

Finding Love Again Mastermind Program

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Meetings will be on Sundays and run for 5 weeks.

Beginning in March 12th 2023


7:00 PM Israel

5:00 PM UK

12:00 PM EST

9:00AM PST12

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