Have you been searching for your life partner and are finding yourself frustrated, disappointed, or despairing that you can enjoy love again? You are not alone.

We have been there and are here to tell you that it is not impossible! We will dispel the #1 myth that may be stopping you. This is the often-repeated idea that there is no good man or no good woman out there. This is simply wrong!

What you will gain from this program:
This will be a mastermind program in which new ideas are presented, and practiced through experiential exercises. Participants receive ideas, support, and encouragement from the other participants as well as the facilitators.

We will show you how to take control of the search process so that you can manifest your own destiny and bring into your life a wonderful and lasting relationship.

Who we are:
Meira Golbert Bar-Lev, Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach have counseled women who want to marry or improve their relationships over the past 16 years.

Meira has been divorced and was recently widowed after 23 years of marriage. Following her grieving process and after serious self-inquiry, she set out on a search to find love again. She met Yitzi, a Project Manager with coaching experience, who was widowed following a happy 37-year marriage. He had been actively dating for 2.5 years and fully understands the ups and downs of dating again at a mature age. Our clients benefit from his observations, based on his experience. Meira and Yitzi married in 2021. Together they have formed Bar-Lev.Org for business.

Why we are running this program:
Shortly after our September wedding, we began to hear from people that we had inspired them by our example. We heard such comments as, “You have given me hope!”, “I want what you have.”, and “You are proof that there is a G-d in the world!” We decided that many people could be inspired to find their partners if we could help and guide them. “Finding Love Again” was created and we are continually revising and updating our content. We are not matchmakers but coaches, dedicated to helping you to release your baggage and shine your light so that you can attract, and build love this year!

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