Falling In Love? -The Top 8 Signs

Have you ever found yourself wondering if what you’re feeling for someone is more than just a passing crush? Have you caught yourself daydreaming about them, or constantly checking your phone to see if they’ve messaged you back? These are

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Finding Love After Loss – Overcoming Challenges

The Purpose, Philosophy, and Goals of Finding Love Again Introduction The journey to finding love after loss through divorce or the passing of a spouse can be fraught with challenges and emotional barriers. This article aims to provide guidance and

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Finding Love After Divorce -The Secret

Introduction Finding love after a divorce can indeed be a taxing endeavor, often presenting emotional risks and causing exhaustion. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. In fact, with the right guidance, like that from Meira Bar-Lev, navigating

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching and the Professional Services of Meira Golbert Bar-Lev If you’re reading this, you’re likely seeking a way to change your life for the better. Whether you’re looking to improve your relationships, achieve your goals, or simply find more

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Feeling Worthy of Love

Introduction Insecurities in relationships can manifest in various forms, but one common thread is not feeling worthy of love. Whether it’s questioning if you’re attractive enough, smart enough, or good enough for your present or potential partner, these insecurities can

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Moving On After Divorce

The situation Throughout the United States, there will be the dissolution of more than 800,000 marriages in the course of this year. Most of these people are in the process of moving on after divorce. Some people ended their marriage

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Healing Old Emotional Scars

Are Old Traumas Keeping You From Loving Again Scars from the past are just that: past. Some appeared in the last ten or twenty years, and depending on your age, most likely made their way into your mind in the

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Learning from Past Relationships

We could gain a great deal from our previous romantic connections. Understanding what went wrong and why we committed the mistakes we did can help us avoid repeating them in future relationships. Here are some things to remember while drawing

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