Insecurities in relationships can manifest in various forms, but one common thread is not feeling worthy of love. Whether it’s questioning if you’re attractive enough, smart enough, or good enough for your present or potential partner, these insecurities can hold you back from fully experiencing the love and connection that you deserve.

Topics we will consider in this post

  • Insecurities in relationships can hold you back from feeling worthy of love.
  • Insecurities can stem from past experiences such as traumas or hurtful relationships.
  • It’s important to understand past experiences don’t define your present worthiness of love.
  • Understanding insecurities is crucial for healthy relationships.
  • This post explores causes, ways to overcome insecurities, and the benefits of working with a relationship coach.

How do I overcome my insecurities?

The first step in overcoming these insecurities is understanding where they stem from. Oftentimes, they feeling worthy of loveare rooted in past experiences, such as childhood traumas or past relationships. These experiences can convince you that feeling worthy of love is not possible. It’s important to acknowledge and validate these experiences, but it’s also crucial to understand that they do not define you or your worthiness of love in the present.

Understanding and addressing these feelings is crucial for having healthy and fulfilling relationships. In this blog post, we will explore the causes of insecurities, ways to overcome them, and the benefits of working with a certified relationship coach.

Stop the Pain, the Roots of Insecurities

Past experiences such as childhood traumas or past relationships where you were hurt or rejected can greatly impact our present feelings of insecurity. Acknowledge and validate these experiences, but understand they do not define you. Nor should they interfere with your feeling worthy of love. By understanding the root causes of our insecurities, we can begin to take steps to overcome them.

Accepting yourself, Feeling Worthy of Love

Another key aspect of feeling worthy of love is learning to love and accept yourself. This means being kind to yourself, practicing self-care, and learning to appreciate your own qualities and strengths. When you can love and accept yourself, it becomes easier to believe that others can love and accept you as well.

It’s also important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your insecurities. They can’t read your mind, and it’s not fair to expect them to fix something they don’t know about. By sharing your feelings with them, you can work together to find ways to address and overcome your insecurities.

Working with a professional relationship coach

In addition, working with a certified relationship coach can provide you with the tools and support you need to navigate these feelings and work through them. A professional coach can help you understand and process your past experiences, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and practice effective communication with your partner or in dating.

If you’re struggling with feeling worthy of love, know that you’re not alone. With the right support and understanding, you can overcome your insecurities and experience the love and connection you deserve.

Who am I and why work with me?

My name is Meira Golbert Bar-Lev. As a certified relationships coach, I understand the complexities of insecurities and how they can affect relationships. If you are struggling with these feelings and would like to work through them with the help of an expert, I would be happy to work with you to help you find the love and connection you deserve.

I have over 17 years of experience in helping people like you overcome a lack of feeling worthy of love. I may use a mixture of techniques from several methods that are customized for each person I work with.


In conclusion, feeling worthy of love is a common struggle, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from experiencing the love and connection that you deserve. By understanding where your insecurities stem from, learning to love and accept yourself, communicating openly and honestly with your partner, and working with a certified relationship coach, you can overcome these feelings and fully experience the love and connection you deserve.

Meira Golbert Bar-Lev: Experienced Life and Relationship Coach

Meira Bar-Lev Finding Love Again for Single, Divorced, or Widowed Jewish Women. Meira is a mulit-cetified Life Coach and Relationships Coach.Meira Golbert Bar-Lev boasts more than 30 total years of expertise as a life and relationship coach, she has be certified for 18 years. Offering transformative programs designed to support personal growth and healing. Her Biography is Here. Renowned for her compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive methods, Meira utilizes a customized blend of techniques, research, and experience to help clients conquer their unique life challenges. She is particularly passionate about assisting individuals in finding love and living satisfying lives. She also offers the following services:
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