We could gain a great deal from our previous romantic connections. Understanding what went wrong and why we committed the mistakes we did can help us avoid repeating them in future relationships. Here are some things to remember while drawing lessons from previous romances.

You may be able to see patterns in your past relationships. For example, you may have a history of falling for emotionally unavailable men or men who needed you to mother them. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past so that you don’t make them again.

Additionally, you should consider the sorts of people you’ve dated and make an effort to switch things up by meeting new types. Maybe all the engineers you’ve dated haven’t worked out for you. What would it be like to date an independent artist who actually makes a living?

Consider your own problems as well. Perhaps a tragic event has prevented you from trusting the opposite sex. To make sure you’re healed and prepared for your next relationship, you might wish to uncover hidden damage to your self image and get guidance to heal yourself.  Meira Golbert Bar-Lev has 25 years of experience in life coaching, relationships during which she has drawn on her many professional certifications in different modalities for giving real results.

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Broken Relationships From The Past
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