Are you struggling in your current relationship? Or, are you having a hard time finding love again?


There are around 8 billion people on the earth at the present time and billions of them could use relationship coaching to obtain a happier life.

In spite of the fact that there are currently more people living on our planet than at any other time in history, there is also a greater sense of isolation. Evidently, success can’t be measured in terms of happiness.

The unfortunate reality is that a significant number of us buy into the fairy tale that one day, someone will come to our aid and make our lives wonderful. We hope that once we find our so-called “soul mate,” all of our difficulties would miraculously disappear. Or sometimes we take on the role of savior, attempting to save others from both themselves and the challenges of life. The unfortunate reality is that none of these tales have a pleasant conclusion where everyone lives happily ever after.

Instead, we need to come to terms with the fact that maintaining successful relationships “is an internal job” that begins with each one of us.  As a Certified Coach with training in several methodologies, Meira Bar-Lev can help you discover the issues or traumas in life that you may have buried which are holding you back from success. 

The way that leads to bliss

When we reach a certain crossroads in our life, we begin to comprehend that it is ultimately up to each of us to determine our own level of joy and health. Because of this fact, we are able to make choices that are founded on freedom, and we are able to learn how to go toward the opportunities that life presents, guided by our own inner knowing.  Up until then, we are out of step with who we truly are, and we experience feelings of disillusionment and isolation.

We are constantly reminded that the degree to which we love ourselves has a significant role in determining the caliber of the connections we have with other people. Then, in the very next breath, we are informed that if we satisfy our own requirements, we must be narcissistic and selfish individuals. This leads to ideas that are unclear and behaviors that are misguided. We allow ourselves to become confused and look for permission and acceptance from the outside world, always striving to meet the expectations of other people before our own. Our one and only glimmer of hope is that their needs will align with our very own. We are unable to love anyone other than ourselves if we do not first love ourselves.  Many times we have taken in criticism, failures, abandonment, or emotional damage that makes us seem unworthy in our own eyes. 

When we put the needs of other people above our own, we rarely experience genuine happiness as a result. Instead, we experience feelings of hatred and animosity towards the other person since they did not get it right. This is a destructive cycle that involves the abuse of both oneself and other people.  Sometimes what one really needs is relationship coaching for themselves rather than relationship counseling.

What makes me happy, do I really know?

Often when we are asked, “What makes you happy?” the majority of the time, we don’t know the answer. This is the problem. Why aren’t we aware of this? How did we come to believe that other people could satisfy each and every one of our requirements? Who was it that first suggested we could have someone in our lives who was “our better half?”

The solution is to pay attention to the counsel that comes from within ourselves which is brought out by working with an accomplished coach. The vast majority of us have never been taught to consult our intuition or to listen to the advice that our bodies provide us with regard to how to live our lives. Instead, we are indoctrinated by our society and programmed to conform to the beliefs of others through the use of fear and force. This makes us less likely to pay attention to the compass we have within ourselves.

Our convictions are consequently derived directly from our:

1. Families
2. Cultures
3. Religions
4. Genders
5. Personal Experiences
6. Examples in the Media
7. Those in Society
8. Role Models
9. Colleagues
10. Friends etc.

Growth in our relationships

Our growth is put to the test in our relationships. The act of handing up all decision-making power to other people out of fear of losing their love, permission, or approval can feel tremendously disempowering to the one doing so. Relationships put both our strength of will and our dedication to our own change to the test because, as a herd animal, there is a component of our survival that needs to be satisfied.  

The stages of development that humans go through are depicted in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. He outlines the pattern that is typically followed by human drives, beginning with physiological needs at the basic base of the pyramid

1. Physiological Needs
2. Safety
3. A sense of belonging and love
4. Esteem
5. Self-actualization
6. Self-transcendence


As a species, humans are compelled to satisfy our fundamental requirements by three instinctive urges, namely:

  • Self Preservation
  • Sexual
  • Social

The order in which we experience things will vary not only across individuals but also over time and in response to a variety of additional considerations. If we take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as well as the three instinctual drives, it becomes abundantly clear that if we don’t meet our basic needs first, we have no chance of being in a happy relationship with anyone, least of all with ourselves. This holds true regardless of the person we are trying to be happy with.

When we are at odds with ourselves, our suffering concerning our relationship status spills over into all of our relationships, generating a poisonous mixture of sadness for everyone involved.

You will discover how to fall in love with your actual self and become familiar with your wants and needs through Journey-work. This will allow you to know with absolute certainty what it is that brings you happiness and fulfillment in life.

What is a relationship coach?

In this context, Meira will work with you to find the reasons that you are having difficulty in your present relationship or in finding the ideal mate.  In some cases, Meira Bar-Lev will help you find what is holding you back from relationship success like hanging onto old grief or hurts.  For some people, the real problem is deep-seated and goes back to suppressed childhood trauma or abuse that needs to be unearthed brought into the light and dealt with in a gentle and effective manner that will allow you to move on.

I will guide you to experience effective personal processes that:

Put the brilliance and insight of your own soul to work in your life so that you can be led by your more evolved self.
You will be led directly and easily to the subconscious belief system that is responsible for running your life.
To assist you in determining the precise detrimental core concept around which all of your other beliefs are based, we offer the following:
Unravel the web of connected rules, labels, promises, vows, and values that maintains your erroneous ideas and keeps them spinning.
Install positive, empowered ideas that will support your best and deepest healing, and then extricate, eliminate, and let go of any and all beliefs that are comparable to those that you do not want.
Bring your actions, beliefs, and feelings into harmony so that you can live your truth.
Put yourself first and work on developing intentional connections with other people.
After you have developed a conscious belief system and granted yourself complete permission to take care of your needs on all levels, you will be able to think about developing connections with other people that are healthy and enjoyable.

Your relationship with other people and the one you have with yourself do not have to be incompatible with one another. It is not necessary to have everything figured out before you may learn how to heal and grow with the help of another person. In order to establish a conscious connection between two people, each individual must take actions that contribute to their own sense of well-being and accomplishment, as well as wish the same for their partner.

Loneliness is eliminated when we love both ourselves and other people.

My coaching program is a series of intensive sessions that will irrevocably alter your life for the positive. You’ll arrive to a level of self-awareness that far surpasses anything you ever imagined was possible. And draw unmistakable linkages between the state of your mental well-being and the state of your physical wellbeing, always keeping in mind that one influences the other. This will provide you with the bravery and leverage you need to come clean with your history, speak the truth about your own direct experiences, and forgive yourself and others so that you can heal once and for all in every part of your life.

Your level of happiness, physical health, relationship status, feelings of depression, spiritual enlightenment, and financial success will all improve for the rest of your life as a result of the strategies you will learn. All of these facets are tied to one another and cannot be separated from one another. Therefore, the healing you experience in one area will have a positive effect on all of the other areas. You won’t be able to start enjoying your life to its fullest extent unless you start making decisions that reflect your values.

Make a commitment to your own recovery. Accept personal responsibility for your level of fulfillment.   I am ready to help you with coaching that will bring out your needs which we will be able to process in a few sessions for much less cost than traditional therapy.  Give me a call at +972-50-722-3065 or contact me via this form.  

Meira Bar-Lev

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