Relationship Coaching

Are you struggling in your current relationship? Or, are you having a hard time finding love again? Relationships There are around 8 billion people on the earth at the present time billions could use relationship coaching to obtain a happier life. In spite of the fact that there are currently more people living on our […]

Healing Old Emotional Scars

Are Old Traumas Keeping You From Loving Again Scars from the past are just that: past. Some appeared in the last ten or twenty years, and depending on your age, most likely made their way into your mind in the last three decades or so. While the emotional context in which these wounds occurred and […]

Learning from Past Relationships

We could gain a great deal from our previous romantic connections. Understanding what went wrong and why we committed the mistakes we did can help us avoid repeating them in future relationships. Here are some things to remember while drawing lessons from previous romances. You may be able to see patterns in your past relationships. […]

Adjusting your life after divorce – Over 50s

Meria Golbert Bar-Lev Certified Life Coach Divorce rates for people over 50 are increasing every year due to several contributing factors, such as increased life expectancy, shifting dynamics in traditional marriages and reduced stigma.    A divorce at any age is extremely stressful but for those over the age of 50, it can pose different […]

What went wrong in my last love relationship?

A couple having relationship troubles After thinking about the good aspects of your past relationship(s), try to pinpoint where things went wrong. We need to ask ourselves, What went wrong in my last love relationship? Consider why misunderstandings occurred. It could be due to a lack of time spent together or increased arguing over small […]

Avoiding Some Past Errors You May Have Made In Selecting Your Partner.

Take your time,  you deserve to find the right person and don’t be too hasty.  This is especially true in avoiding some past errors you may have made in selecting your partner. You are a unique individual, and not everyone is well suited to share your life. When you fall in love quickly, there’s a […]