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Rethinking the ‘Nice Guy’ Stereotype in Relationships

Why do women often fall for men who don’t treat them well?

It’s crucial to challenge the common misconception equating masculinity with machismo or toxic masculinity. The so-called ‘Nice Guy’ Stereotype of a man who is not strong enough needs to be examined more closely. This mindset involves behaviors such as showing off, feeling superior, being self-absorbed, arrogant, and aggressive. Macho men very often objectify women and act controlling.  This type of “Macho Man” is exactly the same man who tends to prove the mythology that maintains that “There are no good men left out there.”

mr nice guyTrue Masculinity of the Nice Guy

However, true masculinity is much more than just being macho. Here’s what genuine masculine men look like:

      • Confident yet open-minded

      • Treating women as equal partners

      • Inspiring respect

      • Embracing vulnerability and emotions

      • Exercising self-control

      • Prioritizing others

      • A man of his word

      • Principled

      • Dependable

    Unfortunately, some women are turned off by nice guys due to misconceptions about masculinity. In fact, it’s often true that the real strength and masculinity of a “nice guy” might not be immediately apparent. Many times the nice guy has nothing to prove and he knows it, and so would you if you look more closely. It’s important to recognize that nice guys are actually an ideal catch, displaying healthy behaviors that everyone should value.

    Benefits of dating a nice guy

      1. Kindness and compassion: As stated by Psychology Today, the most important trait to seek in a long-term relationship or marriage is kindness. While dating a noncommittal bad boy might be exciting, they often come with unfavorable personality traits and unreliable behavior.
      2. Loyalty and commitment: A nice guy is more likely to support you through tough times and care for you when you’re unwell. These traits are essential in a spouse. As Elite Daily explains, don’t expect Mr. Macho to suddenly change and become kind and selfless.


          • Q: Why are women sometimes attracted to “bad boys”? A: This attraction might stem from misconceptions about masculinity or the thrill of dating someone unpredictable. However, these relationships often lack stability and emotional fulfillment.

          • Q: Can a nice guy be masculine? A: Absolutely! A genuine masculine man is confident, respectful, and treats women as equal partners. These men are emotionally mature and prioritize others.

          • Q: Are all macho men unsuitable partners? A: It’s important to remember that everyone has the potential for personal growth. However, it’s crucial to recognize unhealthy behaviors and seek a partner who treats you with kindness and respect.

          • Q: How can I identify a genuinely nice guy? A: Look for traits such as kindness, compassion, loyalty, and commitment. Additionally, a nice guy is emotionally mature, respects boundaries, and values open communication.


          • Q: What is a nice guy looking for in a Woman? A: A nice guy is not looking to take you to bed right away or to have an “Open Relationship” nor is he looking for a “long term relationship” without commitment to marriage.  He really is going to commit to you and only you without reservations.

        In conclusion

        It’s essential to challenge the stereotype that equates masculinity with machismo. Embrace the benefits of dating a nice guy who embodies true masculinity, and avoid confusing macho with masculine. Genuine, caring, and loyal men are more likely to provide the love, support, and stability needed in a long-term relationship.

        If you’re struggling to find the right partner or need guidance in your relationships, Meira Bar-Lev, Relationship Coach, is here to help. Book a free 20-minute assessment session with Meira today to gain insights into your relationship patterns and unlock the potential for finding lasting love.

        Remember, the key to a fulfilling relationship is finding someone who treats you with kindness, respect, and loyalty. Don’t settle for less. Embrace the true qualities of masculinity and prioritize emotional maturity in your partner.

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