adjusting your life after divorce
Meria Golbert Bar-Lev Certified Life Coach

Climbing divorce rates

Adjusting your life after divorce is an all to common challenge. Divorce rates for people over 50 are increasing every year due to several contributing factors, such as increased life expectancy, shifting dynamics in traditional marriages, and reduced stigma. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome in adjusting your life after divorce. Divorce at any age is extremely stressful but for those over the age of 50, it can pose different challenges than those divorcing at a younger age. Obviously, a loss of stability, companionship, love, family/friend relationships, and perhaps extreme financial status can ensue. Adjusting to life after a divorce has its ups and downs, and everyone has their own way of coping. But with a bit of perspective, and helpful guidance, it’s a change many of us can adapt to. 

Guided trauma recovery

Discover how practicing mindfulness and caring for yourself can help you feel more deserving of love. Discovering helpful hints and practices for self-care and mindfulness in order to boost your sense of self-worth is going to be a significant part of the process of readjusting your life following a divorce.

Help with adjusting your life after divorce

However, for some of us, there is possibly a need for some in-depth emotional healing therapy.  The good news is there are very effective methods that can be utilized that do not require years of therapy, methods that can give genuine results in a matter of weeks at a very affordable cost.   Meira Golbert Bar-Lev is a certified life coach who has been working with clients since 2005. Meira Golbert Bar-Lev is also a certified practitioner and teacher in several technologies for guidance and emotional healing.  Among these counseling and healing techniques are, The Elevation Project, EFT, The Journey, and Somatic Healing.  There is real and effective help in adjusting your life after divorce!

Redefining your path

Undeniably, adjusting your life after divorce can feel like you’re wandering through an intricate labyrinth, alone and unsure. But the crucial thing to remember is that the journey to the other side of the labyrinth is one you don’t have to undertake on your own. Meira Golbert Bar-Lev is right there, a beacon of light, committed to guiding you through the foggy uncertainties and navigating your way back to a fulfilling, thriving life.

Reviving hope

If you’ve been spinning in circles, pondering over the trials that adjusting your life after divorce presents, it’s time to anchor yourself in the reality that things will get better. Remember, there’s a sunrise after every nightfall. There’s hope in every crisis. Your story doesn’t end with the decree absolute. It’s a fresh chapter awaiting your input. It’s a new path that leads to growth, self-discovery, and abundant opportunities. It’s the freedom to embrace who you truly are and the chance to transform your life after divorce into a testament of resilience.

Taking the leap

Adjusting your life after divorce isn’t simply about rebuilding what was lost. It’s about harnessing the storm’s energy and letting it fuel a journey to greater self-awareness and self-love. Your divorce does not define you. Your courage, strength, and determination in the face of adversity do.

So, now, we implore you to take a bold step forward. Start a conversation with Meira Golbert Bar-Lev. Take advantage of the myriad of healing techniques offered. Embark on your journey towards adjusting your life after divorce with renewed vigor and purpose. Your pathway to healing, transformation, and ultimately, joy, begins here.

Remember, this isn’t just about surviving. It’s about flourishing, thriving, and creating a life that’s fulfilling and meaningful, even after a traumatic event like divorce. With every stride you take, you’re adjusting your life after divorce, and we’re here, cheering you on, every step of the way. Dive in, embrace the change, transform your life. Your journey to healing starts now!

Meira Golbert Bar-Lev: Experienced Life and Relationship Coach

Meira Bar-Lev Finding Love Again for Single, Divorced, or Widowed Jewish Women. Meira is a mulit-cetified Life Coach and Relationships Coach.Meira Golbert Bar-Lev boasts more than 30 total years of expertise as a life and relationship coach, she has be certified for 18 years. Offering transformative programs designed to support personal growth and healing. Her Biography is Here. Renowned for her compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive methods, Meira utilizes a customized blend of techniques, research, and experience to help clients conquer their unique life challenges. She is particularly passionate about assisting individuals in finding love and living satisfying lives. She also offers the following services:
  1. Life Coaching:  At MeiraBarLev.com
  2. The Journey Processes at: TheJourneyIsrael.com
  3. Healing From Grief: At HealingFromGrief.net
  To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with Meira, simply:
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